What do people need to remember about the black experience at Washington and Lee University and, more largely, in United States history? How can poetry help us remember it? To begin to answer these questions, this web site was constructed by Washington and Lee University students in English 295, African American Poetry, during Spring Term, 2018. The authors were Chris Anderson, Madison Boyle, Joshua Breece, Garrett Clinton, Hannah Choi, Zachary Christian, Kate Dalia, Sasha Edwards, Alexander Heap, Kitanna Hiromasa, Austin Kinne, and Micah Wilson. The supervising professor was Lesley Wheeler, who contributed suggestions and proofreading, but students chose the topics, conducted the research, posted the items, wrote the framing text, and made final decisions about content. We are very grateful to have received support from Washington and Lee's Special Collections staff and the Digital Humanities Action Team, although any errors on these pages remain ours. We would especially like to thank Mackenzie Brooks, Thomas Camden, Emily Cook, Donald Gaylord, Paula Kiser, Adam Lewis, Ethan Reed, and Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, all of whom lent us their ideas and expertise.