History, Progression, and Stagnation of Race within W&L Athletics

Viewing race relations through the lens of athletics is powerful. Just because a school has students of color does not mean those students are fully engaged, empowered members of the community. Athletics, by requiring communication and cooperation within a team, can help create that engagement and empowerment in a way that affects the student body as a whole.

The purpose of this memorial is to portray and celebrate the history of African Americans at Washington and Lee through athletics while also raising questions about W&L's current diversity. The first section of this memorial is the school's history, where we discuss instances of racism that plagued Washington and Lee's athletic events, even before the school accepted students of color. Next, we will highlight the progress the athletic department has made through the inclusion of black athletes on their teams. Finally, the exhibit will also view the lack of growth in the number of black students in athletics. 

Mama says First Negroes are history

      - "Making History," Marilyn Nelson

Everybody Black is my hometown team

      - "I'm rooting for Everybody Black," Cortney Lamar Charleston


Josh Breece, Alex Heap, Austin Kinne, Micah Wilson