Although John Chavis, the first African American to receive a college education in the U.S., studied here, entering what was then Liberty Hall Academy in 1795, Washington and Lee did not enroll other African American undergraduates until it admitted Walter Blake and Carl Linwood Smothers in 1968. Six African American women became part of the first coeducational class in 1985. These exhibits present aspects of this long and sometimes challenging process of integration, focusing on athletics, protests and marches, and interviews with students at the forefront of change.

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Interviews with Class of 2020 Members-Part 2

Sophomore Male.mp3

A student of Washington and Lee's Class of 2020 discusses their experience as a black student at W&L. This interview took place on May 17th, 2018 in…

Swimming and Diving Team 1987

Swimming and Diving, 1987 CALYX.tif

This photo shows Karen Dash, the first black female student-athlete in W&L swim team history

Perry, Tony, 1976 Football Brochure

Perry, Tony, 1976 Football Brochure, RG 18.tif

This is a page out of a brochure handed out during home football games. It includes a quote from Perry's coach about his strong prowess on the field.